Prayer is the robe that sustains us while we are Ministering. Your prayer is of great importance. Withought prayer our Ministry is subject to many Attacks from the enemy. We want to challenge you as you read this today to be one of those who hold the other side of the robe and be a faithful intercessor who prays for us. Who engage in a battle with us, as we spread the fire and take new grounds for Jesus, Village by village, town by town, city by city and Nation by nation.


Prayer Needs

We at Africa on Fire ministries believe that Prayer is an extremely vital and necessary part to developing our relationship with GOD, and seeing HIS Kingdom here on Earth. You can always partner with us in Prayer. Currently our prayer needs are

1. To have more of the presence of GOD in our ministry and every day lives.

2. The building and completion of Center of Hope

3. To follow the leading, and guidance of the Holy Spirit

4. For peace for the Nation of Mozambique